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Fedge (or Fez, I am not really sure about their name change) is an upcoming indie game for Xbox 360 Live Arcade. If you look at the video below it is easy to tag it: retro and platforms. However, the exciting thing about this independent release lies in the fulfillment of its premise: “Gomez is a 2D man on a voyage of discovery into the mysterious 3rd dimension”. Read More »


Most game researchers have a common problem: fun. Every contribution that is fed to the entertainment games research community must be justified in terms of actually improving in-game fun or not. Analyzing, measuring and defining fun becomes essential, since it leads to the ability of predicting it. However, capturing what is generically ”fun” is not a walk in the park, it’s a metaphysical, cognitive (and a bunch of other strong adjectives) problem. And if anyone had fully accomplished it, we would already know: only perfect games would exist. Read More »