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Automatic content generation can have a significant role in adaptivity in games. Research in this field has presented results that encourage a focus on customized content generation, the automatic creation of virtual worlds to better suit individual players. Read More »


In-game player performance assessment is especially important for serious games, but it has seldom been considered in academic research in games and simulations. In particular, there is no work on combining game adaptivity with assessment since both fields have been tackling different problems. However, some results point to interesting challenges that indicate a promising role for game adaptivity in assessment. Read More »

Serious games, i.e. video games with purposes other than pure entertainment, are becoming increasingly important both in education and training environments. Considerable investments are being made and the return is already noticeable in the growing number and influence of serious games, such as Hazmat: Hotzone, Virtual U, Food Force, RescueSim, Ship Simulator and others.

Serious games are becoming increasingly established, but they are still coming of age in terms of player experience. Read More »

Fedge (or Fez, I am not really sure about their name change) is an upcoming indie game for Xbox 360 Live Arcade. If you look at the video below it is easy to tag it: retro and platforms. However, the exciting thing about this independent release lies in the fulfillment of its premise: “Gomez is a 2D man on a voyage of discovery into the mysterious 3rd dimension”. Read More »

Most game researchers have a common problem: fun. Every contribution that is fed to the entertainment games research community must be justified in terms of actually improving in-game fun or not. Analyzing, measuring and defining fun becomes essential, since it leads to the ability of predicting it. However, capturing what is generically ”fun” is not a walk in the park, it’s a metaphysical, cognitive (and a bunch of other strong adjectives) problem. And if anyone had fully accomplished it, we would already know: only perfect games would exist. Read More »

Welcome to the hype. For those who don’t know it yet, Onlive is a platform for video games in the cloud. As they say it, it is the future of videogames: any game, any time, anywhere. Take a look.

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